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Fruit Infusion

This isn’t going to be a home decor related post, but it is something that I am so excited to have in my house!  I have been trying to drink more water since I’m pretty bad at that, but water isn’t something that I truly enjoy.  I don’t like soda, but I love coffee and tea, and anything fruit related!  

I was at my local Target today, and I found this awesome pitcher! 


I am so excited!!! I love water with lemon or lime, and this will it so much easier and less wasteful!  I have found a bunch of recipes for flavored water, some with watermelon, lime with mint, and so on!  


For this one, I just used both lemon and lime, and it is great! Hopefully this will allow me to drink more water, as well as use for entertaining during summer barbeques!! 

Head to your Target and pick this up! It’s cheap and really useful!