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It’s a New Desk!

So this little project may be one of my favorite ones yet! I’ve been on the lookout for a new desk that I could put in our office and use as my makeup desk, which for anyone who knows me, I’ll need a whole lot more than just this desk to hold everything! I was interested in refinishing a desk, or finding a nice one for cheap, and then Matt had a great idea! His dad had a desk that has been sitting in their front hallway for years, and hasn’t really been touched! I knew this would be the perfect desk for me!

Here is the before picture of the desk:

ImageI really like the clean lines of this desk, and just knew it would look great refinished!

I bought some sandpaper, primer and some tools:



I first sanded the desk as well as I could by hand (I really need to pick up a power sander) and then primed the desk using the Killz primer.


It was crazy to see how something as small as primer made such a huge difference!

I then began painting the desk with the Glidden “Trim and Door” paint in Bright White.  This paint is made with “gel technology” and for wood, so I thought it would be perfect for a wood desk! The gel paint definitely made it really easy to paint on! No drips at all! My only recommendation is to use an actual brush instead of a roller. The roller brush ended up getting fuzzies all over the desk, and the paint actually looked much better with the brush! No streaking at all!

ImageHere she is all painted! I love how she looks are pretty, white and modern! I knew that I wanted to get some fun, bright knobs, and I knew exactly where to look- Anthropology! I was able to pick up these bad boys on clearance, and think they are perfect!

ImageHere is how she looks all put together!

ImageLook at those knobs!! I love them!


Just to recap- check out the difference between the before and after! I think it’s insane!


This project was so fun and easy to do! I cannot wait to get to using her!