Accent Bookcase

While on the journey of making a small living room both stylish and functional, there have been many struggles.  It has proven to be very hard picking out pieces of furniture that don’t over power the space. We have definitely made some mistakes, but we have also gotten a few things right!  One of the things I believe we got right was purchasing a small accent bookcase! We picked it up for a steal at Target (I believe only $30). 

I knew right away that I wanted to do something to the back of it to add a bit of focus.  It was so boring, and I thought creating a bit of an accent would really perk it up! (I spy puppy feet)


I used my Martha Stewart Arabesque stencils,  Martha Stewart silver metallic paint and regular paint in cloud sky.


I started by painting the entire back of the bookcase the metallic silver, and then stenciled the cloud sky paint over it. The silver was really starting to scare me.  It was all streaky and gross looking! I thought I made a BIG mistake! When I started to stencil over, I realized that it looked ok, and sort of had a “vintage” vibe to it. 

ImageImageNow that it is all in place, I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to get some cute little trinkets to fill her up! It fits this place perfectly, and is a nice piece to look at when you walk in!


If I could redo one thing, I would have taken more time to evenly place the stencil ( its a bit wobbly in places) and have done another coat of silver paint. I just didn’t have the patience! ImageImageImage


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