Some Curb Appeal

When we bought our house back in November, we had no idea if there were any perennial flowers or anything that would bloom up come spring.  Now that it is spring, we haven’t had any flowers pop up, so we decided to spruce it all up!



Our house has these yue bushes in the front that are a very typical bush for the neighborhood.  We were considering taking them all out, but decided against that for time and effort reasons.  We decided that for this year, we would go very simple and plant some flowers, add some mulch and lights!


It is so funny how something as simple as mulch could improve the appearance of our house!  For the flowers, we went with a simple red geranium, and then some solar powered lights, all of which were from the Home Depot. 

ImageI really enjoy the way it looks! I think down the road we will pull out the bushes and add something a little bit more modern, and then add some more colored flowers for some interest. 

We are definitely making some progress, and it’s starting to feel a lot more like home!


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