Tis The Season

Christmas is just a couple days a way, so I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas decorations post! Since this is our first Christmas in the new house, we don’t have a lot of decorations yet, but we were able to gather some new and old things to create a “festive” look in our home!

The most obvious thing we did was place lights on the outside of the house.  We compromised since Matt loves colored twinkling lights, and I like solid white ones, so we have the twinkling color lights along the roof, and white on the bushes.  I have to say, I kind of like it! It gives an added flare without being too gaudy. 

When you first walk in the house, we have this bare corner, so I put this little standing Santa in it! He’s so creepy that he’s adorable! Sometimes I jump when I walk in at night and forget he’s there, but I love him! 

We then have our Christmas tree, which I would like to have full of sentimental ornaments eventually, but right now we have a few meaningful ones and a lot of silver glitter balls! Matt and I also like to put candy canes on the tree for an added little something.  Finally, I have this cute silver bow on the top of the tree that I cannot get enough of! I love it. 

Since we don’t have a mantle to hang our stockings, so my mom bought me these mantle hangers that I hung on the windowsill to hang the stockings.  We also lined up all of our Christmas cards on the windowsill,  and they ended up looking really nice!

Finally, my FAVORITE piece of decoration is this lantern from IKEA.  Normally I have a candle in it, but for the holidays, I put in some ornaments, and I think it looks really cute! I’m a little sad to have to take the ornaments out!

That is it for my decorations! I hope this showed you a little bit more on how we decorated this year, and gave some ideas! 

If you have any cool ideas you think I would like, let me know!


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