Palette Knife Art

Now that we are a bit more settled into this house, we are working on making it more “homey”.  We are still in need of some more furniture pieces and shelving, so in the mean time, I figured a piece of art will work well to add something to look at! 

I found this idea on BowerPowerBlog and loved it.  I loved the simplicity and dimension to it.  I loved the colors she used and had already planned on using a similar color scheme, so I changed it up a little bit to go with what I wanted, and I couldnt be happier with how it turned out!

I bought a canvas from Michael’s for about $16, which I was happy with. I went into this thinking it would look horrible and be a waste!  I bought a variety of paint (All Martha Stewart brand) in colors ranging from green to navy blue.  I wanted to have a lot of dimension and a very “beachy” look.

I didn’t have a real palette knife, so I used a putty knife that we already had, and it worked out great!  The process was really, really easy.  I just dipped the knife into each of the colors and the slapped it onto the canvas and pulled it down a bit.  It was pretty easy to eyeball the length and since the knife was an inch wide, I knew it would always be the same width.  I tried to vary up the swatches so they wouldn’t all look the same, and I love the result! 

This was really the easiest thing ever.  I am no painter- I am the person that has trouble making a symmetrical stick figure! So if I can do this, anyone can!  It was actually really fun!    


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