The Halfway Bathroom Fail

Well,  I should probably admit that I am not perfect, despite popular belief (kidding!) and I sometimes have bad ideas.  In the beginning of the bathroom remodeling idea, I knew what I wanted, but thought it would be a good idea to save some money and do things the cheap fix way.  Boy do I regret that. It ended up costing us way more money. 

It was my genius idea to simply paint the pink tiles white, which I thought would be a good temporary fix until we were able to save up more money.  I’m sure this would have been a MUCH better idea if we had ceramic tile in there instead of plastic tiles from the 1950’s.  I did do my research and learned that a good primer would keep the paint on the plastic, so we bought Kilz primer and Rust-oleum white paint .  It looked so good! 

We then decided that instead of buying a whole new vanity, we would just use the old one and repaint it a dark espresso color and buy a granite countertop.  I spent a TON of time sanding that stupid thing and priming it, only to have the tacky faux wood sticker on top to ruin my life.  I painted it all and overall it was acceptable, but not good.  In some areas that had the sticker, there were uneven patches and grooves in it, despite all of my sanding.  It was just a fail. 

We figured if the vanity was the only fail, we were doing okay! And then, the tiles all went downhill…  As we were painting, we noticed a few loose tiles, but thought it would have been okay using liquid nail on them.  As we were painting on the second coat, all of the tiles started popping off! Not just one or two, no, all of them!!!  I’m sure it was just the cheap tiles being screwed with and covered in chemicals, but holy cow! It was not a happy moment in my life.  Looking back, it sure made the tile removal process quite easy! 

Overall, this fail taught us that a temporary bandaid isn’t worth it, and that if you are going to spend time fixing it, do it right.  I couldn’t be happier with how the bathroom looks now, and maybe it is a good thing that we had a failure right off the bat! Now we know!

Hope this post teaches a lesson!  If you are going to do it- do it right!


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