Tile Style!

It’s official! We have tile! I finally feel that this bathroom is an actual bathroom, not a construction site!  I have been showing off this amazing tile job to everyone who will look.  I am incredibly proud of Matt and his persistence with this.  He has a little bit of experience laying tile, so I wasn’t worried about about the actual process of it.  I was terrified that the colors weren’t going to go well together, and that it would look cheap or ugly.  I originally wanted a subway tile throughout the whole shower, but Matt really felt that I wasn’t going to like it when it was done.  I am so happy he talked me out of it, because I really could not be happier with the way it looks!

He has the patience of a saint!

I cannot get over how pretty it looks!

The accent pieces look a lot darker here than they are in real life

We went with a basic white marble floor tile, a white marble wall tile, and a glass tile accent piece, all of which are from Home Depot

The floor is the Greecian White Marble in 12×12
The shower walls are White Marble by Daltile in  x12
Accent pieces are MS Keystone 12×12 Gray and White interlocking tile. 

Overall, I am very pleased with everything! The floor tile is a bit less gray and white than I was hoping for. I understood that going with a marble, there was going to be imperfections in the tile.  I just wish there was a bit more gray infused.  I can’t really get a good picture of the floor, so I will have that in the next post. 

The wall tile in the shower looks amazing with the accent pieces.  Matt picked out the accent tile and it is the perfect match.  This tile really gives the exact look I was wanting.  We are going to be painting the walls Benjamin Moore “Palladian Blue” and I cannot wait!

The “finishing touches” post is next!


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