We finally have walls again! I never thought I would be so happy to see drywall! The whole drywall process was such a pain.  If I never have to hang drywall again, I will be thrilled!

Since the bathroom was the original to the house, the walls were made of plaster, and we could not find a regular sheet of drywall that would be thick enough to blend in perfectly, so we had to put in a 1/2in sheet of drywall, with a 5/8ths inch green board drywall on the outer, which was a close to the thickness of the wall that we could get.  Since it wasn’t perfect, we had to use a lot more mud than we were hoping to, but they blended together well!

We used the corner tape with mud to help blend the walls together, and it worked out well. This was obviously the before picture, but that was how big of a gap was left between the plaster walls and the drywall.  

 Here is another view of the walls with the tape in place, and how it came together.  We also got a new toilet put in place. It was a Glacier Bay duo flush energy efficient toilet that I couldn’t get enough of! I loved the modern edge that this brought to the room. It’s funny how something as simple as a toilet can make such a HUGE difference.  

                                                        Yes, the floor is disgusting! 

The electrical work was oddly enough, one of the easiest things for us to do.  We did not have an outlets in this room, as there was only one in the mirror before.  Luckily, Matt has a friend who has experience with electrical work and this was such an easy fix and makes a huge difference.  They are standard GFI outlets to stick with our village codes.  
Well this is where we are at in the process now, and things are really coming together! I cannot wait to show you all the tile and paint colors we have picked out, and see how it all comes together!



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