Bathroom Renovation Part 1

Well, it has officially started! We have started the bathroom renovation process! Lemme tell ya, I had this brilliant idea to save some money and paint the tiles and vanity, but that mess deserves it’s own post! be on the lookout for that hot mess!

The first step was to shut off the water and disconnect the plumbing to make sure we didn’t really screw anything up.

We then took off the vanity top to remove the actual vanity.  We then started to remove the glue off of the tiles (this was while I was still on my “Paint the tile” kick), so ultimately this step is unnecessary.  

After we removed the vanity, we starting taking off all of the tiles!  Hello, white tile spoiler!! I truly had an awesome time while removing the tile!   I’m a freak-what can I say!  I loved how such a minor thing was so “permanant”.

I did have a total diva moment when a tile scratched my arm pretty bad and I started bleeding…

I tell ya, Matt is so amazing.  He worked a 12 hour day, and then came home to do the bathroom for another 4 hours.  I could never do it!  He never ceases to amaze me.  

This would be what the room looks like without all of that horrible tile.  We were really hoping that less glue was going to be stuck on the wall, and that we could remove it to simply sand and paint over… yeah. That isn’t going to happen.  This glue is on there.  Like, forever.  This means we have to do all new drywall, which we were trying to avoid like the plague!

 And this, my friends, is what my bathroom ended up looking like! Wowzers… This is the moment I started panicking.  There was NO going back… What if my ideas backfire and I’m left with an ugly room? What if we screw something major up, and end up costing us a fortune! I mean, neither of us have done anything close to this before!  This picture scares me.

Now that we are at the point of no return, I am feeling the pressure.  I really doing my research to be sure that we are picking everything that is both cost effective and appealing.   Hopefully everything will turn out well!


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Renovation Part 1

  1. Cathy Olson

    Em – hang in there! Matt & you will do just fine! We did the same things (a few times); do it right the 1st time so you don't need to go back & redo. As long as you had to redrywall; I'm hoping you will do some really good insulation to keep your spa room nice & warm Green board is a bit more expensive; but I think it's worth it. John didn't want to go that route, but its more water resistent. Call if you need a shoulder that has been through this pain & still going thru it! (no, water all day Sat. for some plumbing the basement….but a new hot water tank is in exclusively for our bathroom. No more fighting for hot water w/the kids!!:))


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