1950’s Cape Cod

Hi! I’m Emily, and welcome to This Cozy Cape Cod!  This blog is about, you guessed it– our new home!

I wanted to start this blog to track the changes that we are making to our 1950’s cape cod.  We are only the second owners of this home, so there are MANY updates to be made!  Oh, and when I say “we”, I am referring to my other half and partner in crime, Matt.

A bit of background on us: We are a young couple who made a choice to never live in an apartment after a rough year long lease.  We decided to save our pennies for a down payment, and what do you know, 9 months after I graduated college, we bought our home!  Yes, that took a lot of babysitting and 3 part time jobs through college and finally a full time job to save for.  Matt was lucky enough to have a secure job through all of this, which is really the reason it was possible.  I can’t take all of the credit now! 

At last but not least, you will probably see full blog posts on my pup, Missy!  She is our 3 year old Siberian Husky!  We have some plans for her around the house too!  

I hope you enjoy watching the changes that take place to our new home!


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